New sensors selected in companion app do not appear in HA


After months of using HA and not really realizing I was missing on the Location tracking, I finally decided to setup my HA a bit better (internet facing access, with LetsEncrypt certificate etc.). After this I went and enabled the “Background Location” and the “Location Zone” sensors on the Android Companion App.

Despite doing this, I don’t see any new sensors on the device integration page of the companion app on HA (I guess they should appear in the entities and/or in the “Diagnostic” panel on the device information page). I tried using the “reload” option in the burger menu. Nothing solves it.

I also do not see myself on the “Map” on Home Assistant.

Am I doing something wrong ? Why are my newly enabled sensors not showing on HA ?

Do you see them in Developer Tools?

No, I don’t.
But Android just sent me a notification telling me “reminder that the app Home Assistant always has access to your location” (new feature of the last Android version, so that you don’t forget you gave this access to an app). So the app does have access to my location. I double checked, the sensors are “Enabled”.
I also sometimes see a quick “Updating sensors” notification pop up.
But nowhere to be found on HA.

Any update to this? I am having similar issue with companion app on android. Only entity that is visible in mobile app integration is device tracker and even that is not working it just stays home all the time. For me these sensors used to work for some time until at some point just stopped working, not really sure when this happened. Otherwise companion app works, i can access HA in home Wifi and remotely through tailscale and receive notifications to my phone from HA. Sensor info is visible in the app eg. location, battery level etc, so app has all the needed permissions and location access. But those just doesn’t appear as entity in HA except for the device tracker which don’t work. Any ideas what to try?