New setup on new device

Hello people iam gonna try HA again.
I have it it now on mine sinology 720+ nas in a virtual machine.
But it doesn’t work that in mine opinion
But I wanted to do it different this time.
And now I don’t know what I buy
First I thought on RB yellow and there is a RB5 but I also read about a nut.
I wanna have everything on it Zigbee and more.
But i dunno wanna a lot of usb sticks to get it work properly.

So what is the best solution and if you say take a nut then please with one.

Completly NERD

Thanks in advance.

Hi Bart, the answer to your question will be different for everyone who steps in.

Sorry to say so: your English can be hard to decipher so I would advise you to use a translator to make yourself more understandable (i.e.

I guess you mean a HA yellow, a RPi5 (Raspberry Pi) and a NUC

It really all depends on what you want to run on it, if you are looking to buy a new device or 2nd hand.
Have a look in the hardware and installation section for recent/similar topics.

Zigbee is a good option if you need to go wireless, most of the time much better then WiFi but be sure to have a look at this advise: Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference + optimizing using Zigbee Router devices (repeaters/extenders) to get best possible range and coverage

I guess you wanted to say NOOB instead of NERD :wink:

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@xallias that is practically same questions and answers as this other thread started 2-days ago, see:

Recommend that you start by buying ITead’s “Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus” (model “ZBDongle-P” based on Texas Instruments CC2652P radio SoC) (and upgrade to latest Zigbee Coordinator firmware on it before beginning the installation) as then you will should have no problems if choose to go with Home Assistant’s built-in native ZHA integration or third-party Zigbee2MQTT as Zigbee Gateway host application.

Personally I would then suggest at least trying to connect that via a very long shielded USB 2.0 extension cable (that part is important) to Home Assistant Operating System running in a virtual machine (VM) on your Synology 720+ NAS properly configuration for a USB 2.0 port to be used used as a USB pass-through to the VM → Noob - zigbee ZHA vs zigbee2mqtt - #15 by Hedda

If you get that working than you can later migrate to a different computer later if that is want you want.

If want an easier setup then just buy the official “Home Assistant Green” + a “SkyConnect” USB dongle:

Regardless, do more research and read these community guides before buying any Zigbee devices:

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Thank you so much for your reply.

You’re absolutely right about my English.

And I did indeed mean a HA yellow Raspberry 5 or a mini PC.

And now I’m hearing something about a HA green when I thought HA yellow was more extensive

I just want a HA that runs great.

With as little use of USB sticks as possible, but zigbee works well, my broadlink with rf signal.

My Broadlink rm 4 pro I can teach some rf signal but I can’t save it in HA, or I don’t know where it’s stored.hence the question is there easier way.

So basically, I’m lazy and want it to be as easy as possible.

Bart, AFAIK (as far as I know) the yellow can only use a CM4 (Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module)
If you want to use the power of the newer RPi 5, you have to go for a public shop/seller.
My fellow HA user already linked to the HA Green.

Regarding the number of USB sticks: if you want to control your devices wireless you have different options, depending on the technology.
I mainly use zigbee, so 1 USB coordinator, a few WiFi devices (which work with my existing WiFi network, so no extra hardware) and a few wired devices.