"New" smart aparment


In couple months time am moving to my newly bought apartment. It’s in need for fix her up repaint ant another boring not smart stuff.

I looking for a recommendation/ projects to automated. Or just better recommendation for hardware then i plan to use.

  1. For networking going to use unifi, i used many times love it. Thinking of buying one ac pro for now if am going to have problems with coverage going to buy the second one.

  2. For multi-room audio going to use dyi method up2stream wifi modules.

  3. Every room will have wired dht22 and PIR sensor. Wired directly using ethernet cables to raspberry pi gpios or node mcu

  4. Apartment mostly have small windows with then am going to use roller blinds ( drrz or The Hook Up )

  5. I loved to dim every light in the house but don’t know any budget solution except for build son off lights and flashing.

  6. Brodlink ir for tv controls.

  7. For led strips, i think i going to buy a shelly controller. ( any recommendions led strips ? or better controller because my knowledge about this subject is poor )

That’s all ideas i come up for now :smiley: . Any input or recommendations, projects would be greatly appreciated ^^.

I don’t know what country you are in but…

  1. I highly recommend the UniFi Nano HD, bit pricey but gives excellent cover, I can get decent cover in the Garage in the back garden which has no direct line of sight!

  2. Ikea are bringing out Smart controllable blinds any time now, they were meant to be earlier this year but got delayed.

  3. I use these WiFi wall dimmers, but you need to make sure you have a Neutral Wire for them to work. Flashed with Tasmota Don’t forget suitable dimmable bulbs though!

  4. I just use the cheap Magichome Style LED Controller again flashed with Tasmota

For voice control I am using Google Home devices for now, but I am looking at using snips, as it is totally local and not reliant on the Cloud, ie it’s secure and not eaves dropping on you!

You are more than welcome to have a nosey at my config setup on GitHub as well.

I am trying to avoid W-Fi & Zigbee devices because they all use the crowded 2.4GHz radio space.
In the US there are only 3 non-overlapping channels 1, 6, and 11.

In my home I have no choice for my 2 APs. A neighbor has their Wi-Fi on channel 7 which interferes with 6 & 11. I have channel 1 on one of my two APs and only a 5 GHz SSID on the other one.

Z-Wave uses completely different radio space.

am from Lithuania , i didn’t even knew that some contries dont have neutral wire. But Nano Hd dont have smaller coverage then ac pros ?

snips is nice solution for local voice controls but my gf gonna murder my for ecstatic reasons. because making nice incloser for pi its quite impossible for me :smiley: . And for now don’t have 3d printer for space :confused:

with magic home led controller i will able to using 5v or 12v led strips ?

am quite lucky in this aparment i scan for trafic wifi. And only one channel was occupied and none in 5ghz. i think reason being that my neighbors quite old age and not using gadgets :confused: .

OK, but realize that one channel may be interfering with 2, only leaving one usable.

@wills106 thank you for sharing your setup. Would you please advise how you flashed the magichome (tuya convert, pin) and which module you selected in Tasmota. Thank you.

Oh , didn’t realise thanks for the tip ^^

As i look up you will need to solder tx rx cable to solder pads. As that module to sellect i dont know :confused:

Unifi in-wall APs are cheap, amazing range and allow for wired connection. I use these for 1500sqft homes/spaces and they work better than standard APs

I would point out that allowing someone to connect directly runs risk of them physical damage unit. Minuting in nonaccesable location is what I have done. Only connecting permanently attached devices/switches

We have the same here in the UK, I am only using 2.4Ghz for smart switches etc. They use very little bandwidth so not an issue and when using mqtt with QOS of 1 you get feedback.

You also have to remember Ubiquit UniFi products are enterprise grade and not the normal rubbish you buy in the normal shops. Previously I had what I thought was a pretty High end Linksys setup, but I couldn’t get any WiFi at all in my garage in the rear garden. With the NanoHD at the front of my house with no direct line of sight devices were connecting at 40% signal, when I moved the NanoHD to the middle of the house again still no direct line of sight the signal strength jumped to 60% on the devices in the garage.

I think the NanoHD can support upto 500 WiFi connections!

In the UK it is quite common to have live and switched live at the switch, the Neutral is in the ceiling. Newer houses tend to have neutral as well at the switch.

The NanoHD has slightly slower 2.4ghz, but Faster 5Ghz than the AC Pro, it also has 4x4 MIMO Compared to 3x3 on the AC Pro. It also features MU-MIMO which the AC Pro does not.

For the one I received I have it setup as an Arilux LC01 Module, if the colours are inverted try the Magichome Module.

Tuya Convert instructions are here and Soldering option here

Most of my Network is physical Gigabit, 2.4Ghz is purely for non streaming devices such as switches etc and streaming devices use 5Ghz.

Bandwidth is not an issue as much as interference from microwave ovens , wireless handsets, & other incompatible items using that same RF spectrum space. Bluetooth is pretty close the 2.4GHz too.

@wills, thank you very much for your response.

Curious about the up2stream, did you ever get them integrated? I want them to do more than Arylic seems to want them to…