New Solar Inverter - HA Integration?

My current solar inverter is almost at the end of it’s life… so I have begun looking at replacement inverter options. Whilst I am looking at Fronius and SMA inverters, I am open to other manufacturers that may integrate well with Home Assistant.

HA integration wont be my only parameter for choosing an inverter, but it will be one element I will take into consideration. I am located in Melbourne Australia, so having access to an inverter make/model and a qualified installer will also be a big factor.

My current inverter is a SolarMax 3000S.

Interested to hear advice on your journey with integrating your solar inverter with HA, and what factors you followed when choosing an inverter.

My old SMA has been rock solid… Although only has Bluetooth (Which I use SBFspot to get MQTT data). It was installed in 2011… It came with the house, so no idea how much it cost.

Obviously it can be Ethernet connected and integrated into HA also.

My parents have one of these which is a couple years old in Victoria. No issues with it. It was reasonably priced.

The app looks decent, no HA integration as far as I know though. They are based in QLD. Might be worth asking them if they plan on doing anything with HA.

Goodwee can be fully integrated and they have nice range of inverters.

Thanks for the feedback. I am seriously looking at a few inverters, and will see where that leads me. I am not terribly worried about the inverter type, so long as it is a modern technology unit, the efficiency is good, and the warranty at least 10 years.

I’ve now created a Redback Technologies integration for Home Assistant. It’s in HACS and here GitHub - juicejuice/homeassistant_redback: Home Assistant integration for inverter and battery systems from Redback Technologies