New spontaneous device tracker entity for me from iOS app (duplicate entities with "_2" suffix)

Sometime in the past couple weeks a new iOS app device tracker entity for me was created. I’ve been using the device_tracker.benish entity to track my location for quite awhile, without issues. At some point my location stopped being updated in Home Assistant and I noticed there is now a device_tracker.benish_2 entity that is instead getting the location updates from the iOS app:

If I click “18 entities” from the Integrations screen I get the entities without the _2 suffix:

But if I find the device_tracker.benish_2 entity from the list of entities, then go to Related and click the Integration:

It sends me to what seems to be the main Integrations page – but if I click the exact same “18 entities” link from there I get entities with the _2 suffix:

Any ideas what is going here, and how to fix it?

Home Assistant Companion: 2023.2 (2023.444)
Home Assistant OS 9.5 in VirtualBox on a MacPro
Home Assistant Core 2023.2.5