New stair light and motion/pressure sensor setup

We are renovating my mother in laws house for us to move in early next year but time has come for the stairs to be built out and installed (one floor building getting an extra level/floor added).

I am fairly new to HA and trying to figure out the different options I have, seems to be load of options. The solution can not cost too much as my wife is kinda just entertaining me at the moment with the thought of adding LED lights to the stairs although I think I can get it in if the cost is not too high.

Seems to be two options for the automation, either motion sensor or floor sensor (FSR maybe…).

The stairs will be fully carpeted so I was thinking to have a led strips recessed in to the skirting of the stairs maybe in a light diffusor case/strip/tube.

I read through this and I light the idea but wonder if the time to set this up maybe too much?

The alternative would be small zigbee motion sensors, these do however look bulky and where they are installed I would need to be able to retrieve these to change the batteries at some point. A problem with this is that we have a dog and I would not want him to set them off, that is one reason why I thought of using an FSR strip as the it could be setuo to only react to weitght abover 10KG or something (we have a small dog, about 6KG) allow this looks lit it requires wiring up to a resistor and such

What different options do I have for led strip and powering these? I would like the led’s to be individually addressable and potentially get plugged in to an ESP controller. The power for this I think would be put in to the under stair cupboard tucked away, probably get some wall sockets put in there.

I currently have HA installed and working with a zigbee co-ordinator for some door/window sensors, blue iris camers and a few other minor integrations.

Any pointers in the right direction would be super.

Anyone done something similar and if motion sensors are installed where did you install them and do they look out of place due to the size of them? Fit them on the wall or ceiling?


Are you adding fsr to each step?

Another alternative is using LD2450 to track people going up and down the stairs and espresence (bt tag/collar attached) that excludes the dog.

I was thinking one just before the first step and on just before last step on the landing so its detective before someone steps our on to a step.

Ld2450 looks interesting, this took me to this post.