New Starlink user, need advice on a new router

Hi There,

I am considering a Unifi Dream machine (no wifi6) or a Asus Zen (wifi6) ir Nighthawk Pro 6?

Any advice? I am in no rush. but the dream Machine is never in stock it seems, I like it best but has no wifi6, is it worth having? Interested in any suggestions for others too…been a while since I have bought a router, been using the awful BELL ISP provided one for 3 years and cant wait to get rid of it, and the Starlink router wont even stay upright on my table lol


UniFi has WiFi6 Access Points available. I own two of them. Part of the same mesh that my UDM participates in. My UDM just doesnt service the SSID that provides WiFi6 connectivity. (you habe that kind of flexibility)

Thanks Nathan, but if its not wifi6 thoughout is there a benefit? The “slowest” part is the UDM? no?

Not exactly. There are generally two benefits to WiFi6. If we were talking about a consumer rourer like a Linksys or a TP-Link, Id say you’re absolutely right. But we’re not. Its kore a pro-sumer device. Benefits on WiFi6 include better handling of the number of devices connected to an AP and the other is the low power modes. With the UDM and UDM pro they can handle an order of magnitude more thoroughput than your average garden variety consumer router, and you won’t have issues with DHCP limits. (the UDM DNS leaves a little to be desired but you can work around that.). So between that and WiFi6 APs you should be covered.


I would look at a Dream Machine Pro instead, and just buy whatever APs you need for the areas you need them. I have 4 WiFi6 Long Range APs, which cover my entire house and yard with ease.