New thingspeak configuration fails

I’m setting up thingspeak for the first time on my 0.62 rPi setup.

2018-02-12 09:28:13 ERROR (Thread-18) [homeassistant.components.thingspeak] Error while accessing the ThingSpeak channel. Please check that the channel exists and your API key is correct.
2018-02-12 09:28:13 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup failed for thingspeak: Component failed to initialize.

The thingspeak section of my configuration.yaml file is pretty simple, taken from the guide:

  api_key: !secret thingspeak_api_key
  id: 424544
  whitelist: sensor.master_bedroom_temperature

I have triple checked the api key and the channel ID so I’m pretty confident that that is not the problem. There isn’y much in the logs to help debug this. Could it be a home assistant defect?

I mistyped the version in my original post. It was 0.62.1, I just upgraded to 0.63.0 and see the exact same behavior.

Same issue as