New to all this, looking for some help guidance with existing equipment

I just installed Hass as a VM on my unRAID server. I can access it but of course there’s nothing in it yet.

I wanted to do this because I had ADT pulse, and all the equipment is paid for, I know some of it can’t be reused, but I really want to schedule my thermostat which I was able to do before on ADT Pulse, but since I’ve cut it, I cannot anymore. It’s a Z-Wave TBZ48A Thermostat. I figured, if I spin up Hass, it’d see the thermostat and I can figure out how to connect. I’ve since learned that I need a Z-Wave controller. I figured ADT left one behind and they did. It is a Netgear PGZNG1.

So, my current mission is to see if I can make use of the PGZNG1 as a Z-Wave controller. But all my efforts have turned up fruitless. Basically when I connect I don’t have any way of logging into it. I see it on the network, and I try to connect, but nothing. Seems also that port scans turn up 0 open ports on it.

So, I guess I have two questions.

First, does anyone know if I can reuse that PGZNG1?

Second, I want to control a thermostat using the Hass web interface and schedule temps, etc. what should I get / buy in order to do that if I can’t use the two pieces of equipment I currently have?


The z-wave instructions are here

In the first paragraph is a link to supported zwave devices.

Thanks for replying.

I’ve gone through the instructions. I recognize that it doesn’t show the model controller I have, but I figured that so many people have managed to do so much, that maybe there was a solution out there. I imagine a lot of people who have left ADT had these devices and wanted to reuse them.

Anyhow, I’ve given up on that device, and will be beginning my home automation adventure fresh and new, with 0 devices, other than the VM of home-assistant running on my server.

One last question if you don’t mind. Given that I’m starting from scratch and that setting up a thermostat is my first goal. Can you recommend a path?

I guess what I’m asking is, given all the different standards out there, is there one standard that most people are using because of it’s ease of automation / control / setup?

Thanks again for any info

The Netgear doesn’t have zwave from what I saw.
Just get a Aeotec zwave stick

I stand corrected. Looks like it has zwave.
Can you login to device and get states of devices?
Does it have web control of connected zwave devices

I have no discernible way of managing the gateway. There’s no web interface of any kind, and I opened i to see if there was a simple way of controlling it, like a port of some kind, and nothing. The device get’s an IP on my network, and I can ping it, but it doesn’t seem to have any open ports.

My guess is that ADT has some proprietary stuff on there and it has to be managed remotely.

Aeotech usb zwave stick

Yup, it’s looking like that’s gonna be my go to.


did you ever get your TBZ48A managed?

I’m in a similar situation, i left ADT, and i’m having a really hard time managing the TBZ48A they left behind.

On a side note i can give you some advice on how to get zwave devices added to the new hub, if you haven’t already.