New to AppDaemon - SIGTERM on HA upgrade

This past week I installed AppDaemon 4.0.3 in order to run Schedy, its been great. Since then HA v0.108 has came out and I have upgraded twice. On both upgrades I found that AppDaemon has stopped, in my AppDaemon logs I see the following right around the time of my HA upgrade:

2020-04-09 06:59:01.184275 INFO AppDaemon: SIGTERM Recieved
2020-04-09 06:59:01.184646 INFO AppDaemon: AppDaemon is shutting down
2020-04-09 06:59:01.255500 INFO HASS: Disconnecting from Home Assistant

Is this to be expected? I can add a restart of AppDaemon to my upgrade script, but I wanted to see if there was a better way to handle this.

Thanks again!

Yes it’s normal that AppDaemon will stop but it should also automatically start again when HA is up again.

Is it systemd that starts it back up? I looked at my systemd service and noticed I was missing Restart=on-failure. I added it as follows:

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ExecStart=/srv/appdaemon/bin/appdaemon -c "/home/%i/.appdaemon/conf/"


EDIT: I believe the the issue I was experiencing was due to the “Requires” directive. If HASS is to stop, then it will also stop appdaemon. I removed this directive.