New To Automation

I’m new … so new in fact that I’m just in the research stage. Here is what I think I want to do.

  1. Start with adding “SMART” light switches and outlets. ( one or two here or there as they’re pricey little buggers )
  3. DO NOT WANT AN ALEXA, SIRI, GOOGLE voice activated solution … but do want to be able to integrate it for those technically challenged users ( WAAAAAAAAY LATER … not in my lifetime … LOL )
  4. Want to be able to purchase switches and outlets … off the shelf from HomeDepot / Lowes or some other large retailer.
  5. Want to be able to create my own web page ( which I can do ) in which I can turn stuff on or off and/or query sensors … if I add them

Now what I know.
I am familiar with Arduino … I know but never have gotten one RaspberryPi. I’ve seen multiple youtube vids about HAssIO … that’s why I’m here.

I’ve called to manufacturers about their switches ( GeenIE and GE ) both told me I don’t need the internet, but then tell me I have to have internet to utilize the wifi, ability of their products.

Is HAssIO / RaspberryPi / Intel NUC / or some “OTHER” type of computer the way I want to go. I don’t use a smartphone and will never use one again. Don’t want the privacy issues of voice assistant devices as they require cloud service. I want to buy … install … connect these devices without having to leave my private network in my house.

Is what I want possible?

Hi Barry. Welcome to Home Assistant (HA)! :slightly_smiling_face:

I started small with a Raspberry Pi, a Z-Wave controller and some GE Z-Wave switches. (See Z-Wave for details on various controllers and how to integrate them into HA. I personally use the Aeotec controller.) Later I added WiFi cameras (Amcrest in my case), GE Z-Wave dimmers & Z-Wave multi-sensors (I use ones from both Aeotec & Zooz.) All of this runs locally.

I do use smartphones and cloud-based services (Life360, Google Maps & Nest for my thermostat), but you don’t need to.

Regarding Z-Wave, it’s a “mesh” network, which means the more devices you have the better it works. You can start small with just the controller and one or two switches, but they need to be relatively close. As you expand your Z-Wave network will just get better.

I’ve never used Zigbee, but I’ve heard people say these devices tend to be less expensive than their Z-Wave counterparts.

That worked well for me for about a year and then I started “upgrading.” First I moved from the default database (SQLite) to MariaDB. Then I moved from the RPi to an old laptop. Both of these changes made a HUGE difference in performance.

Anyway, good luck.

Thank pnbruckner for that information.

I’m fairly versed enough and do know what the Zigbee / ZWave are a low powered meshed network where data is sent through each node till it reaches the correct destination.

Zigbee or ZWave … I’m not particular … Just as long as I can walk into a BigBox retailer or Amazon etc and purchase another device to add.

Never have heard of MariaDB but … can you elaborate simply what performance increases were like?

Where in the world are you? Light switches can be very different, especially as some countries have neutral at the switch and others don’t.

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That’s where I bought mine, a combination of Home Depot, Lowes & Amazon. (I’m in the US.)

You can find more about MariaDB on the recorder doc page.

Like night and day.

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I’m here with Carmen Sandiago… :stuck_out_tongue:

In the US. Didn’t realize that Home Depot and Lowes were big outside the US.

I didn’t know where Home Depot and Lowes were based.

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