New to HA - Advice for New Starter using an M1 Mac


I have moved my Plex and Channels DVR server Apps to a dedicated M1 Mac mini, long story but dropped energy consumption from 3.6kW per day to 400w per day.

The M1 is not challenged at all and is running 24/7 on a UPS that will keep it going for a very very long time.

So thought it would be worth looking put Home Assistant on it and investigate if I could use HA as my daily driver.

I have 80+ wave devices, two Hue Hubs with ~100 light bulbs/motion sensors split between them, and another ~30 Zigbee sensors.

Currently I have a controller driving the 10 Eurotronic zwave TRVs and 10 Secure SRT zwave thermostats Plus a zwave two channel Boiler controller Secure SR302 (if I remember correctly)

Looking at HA will handle everything I need and more.

The challenge for me is getting HA running on the Mac M1.

I have been reading through the documentation and a friend who is using HA does so on Docker.

What is the most straightforward / easy way to get HA installed on my Mac M1 and take advantage of all the cpu/gpu/fast SSD and spare bandwidth available 24/7 ?

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It would be worth you looking at this thread, where I have provided a guide for installing supervised on Debian on parallels on Mac M1.