New to HA - can't get light swtich to work


I purchased one of these light switch dimmers (Earda Touch Dimmer Switch EU EDM-1ZAA-EU Zigbee compatibility info). However when I pair it to HA there are no actions for it. I have read about changing setting in the config files but don’t know where to find an entry for it, eg my config file is empty except for tezt to speech. Within the HA UI it looks like this:

# Device info
by _TZE200_dfxkcots
#### Zigbee info
IEEE: 45:a4:52:ff:fe:5h:1f:86
Nwk: 0x1eff
Device Type: Router
LQI: 192
RSSI: -52
Last Seen: 2021-04-28T09:14:16
Power Source: Mains

I’m guessing type = router could be an issue?

I’m very happy to be pointed at some dos and figure it out myself but I can’t seem to work this out with google searching. I’m hoping to avoid flashing tasmota on it.

Thank you

its a zigbee device, so you cant install tasmota on it. you need a zigbee coordinator to use it
do you have one

regarding the router part, have a read of the follwoing to understand different device types in zigbee. Device types (

Typically switches do not create entities but send events. Depending on the integration you use you should listen for events in developer tools. It’s explained in the docs for example here for deconz.

I have a SONOFF zigbee bridge flashed with Tasmota and I have paired the switch to Home Assistant using ZHA.

Thanks for the reply! If I’m using ZHA with a sonoff zigbee bridge, should I also be using deconz?

No, you either use ZHA or deConz. But the principle is the same, you need to listen for “zha_events”. Unless something else is wrong.

Thanks - nothing shows up when I start listening to zha_events and turn the light on and off.

Any ideas? I’m pretty sure the cost to return this item to china will be a lot more than what I paid for the it so very keen to get it working!

What do you mean with “turn the light on and off”. It’s a switch right, or have you linked it to a bulb?

It’s a smart light switch so I should be able to turn it on / off and adjust the brightness in HA. It connects to ‘dumb’ bulbs that are dimmable.
Electrically the smart switch just alters the current going to the light to brighten / dim it.

I’m not sure if it’s zha_events or zha_event. If both doesn’t give a response I have no idea.

Hi, I also get this dimmer and paired with ZHA, no entity was appeared, so I can not control its light.
Same like you said.
No zha_event response info, no idea for me.
I know some special device could be linked by “zha quirks”, but I havent any code development capability.
I’m in China, so I can easily contact to the factory if you guys want to do something about this dimmer. Email me: [email protected]. Please also let me know if this problem be fixed by someone here.

type = router is not a problem because I have same type lights working well.

Update: try to link this to zigbee2mqtt and works well.

Hello all, got an update on this.

This light (manufactured by Earda) is rebranded by loads of firms and sold on eg, Moes. They all use the same Earda config underneath. Zigbee2Mqtt have added configs for this so you can turn on/off and adjust brightness in HA.

A couple of weeks ago this light was picked up with the ZHA devs and added to their configs. It has been releases in the dev version of HA and should be coming to prod soon so hand tight if you want to stick with ZHA!

See ZHA thread on github here: [Device Support Request] TS0601 by _TZE200_dfxkcots · Issue #730 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub