New to HA Having Issues with Tuya and Aqara Integrations

Hi there, I just recently started with HA and had been using Google and Alexa before. I am having issues with Tuya integrations (IoT Platform on Tuya won’t bring up my devices. Looks like it should, as I’m following all the guides thhat make it look easy, but they don’t load from the Tuya or Smart Life apps on my Android phone).
My issues don’t end there though, as I haven’t been able to get the Aqara M2 hub to come into HA or my Sonoff dongle either.

I’m just having a lot of issues, I guess.

I had set up HA through a VM on a Windows 10 computer.

Maybe I just need to scrap it and start from scratch? Been a frustrating several days. Hoping someone can help me out. Sorry if I’m asking some stupid questions.