New to HA - Trying to find the right Zigbee Coordinator

if you made up your mind about Zigbee2mqtt, check its documentation on coordinators.

From my understanding it’s supports Tuya zigbee products??

Your understanding is correct.

Zigbee2MQTT - Supported Tuya devices

it is safe to say that, all ZigBee devices should be supported as long as they follow zigbee protocol :slight_smile: i didn’t have any issues with tuya devices and pairing aqara (Xiaomi) ones are just a bit difficult, but doable.

FYI, although Sonoff indicates “+20dBm output gain”, currently there’s no firmware that supports this level of amplification.

In fact, Sonoff wouldn’t be able to get the device certified because it exceeds standards for RF transmission power (for this class of device). The ceiling is around 9.6 dBm and there’s an effort underway to create a firmware version supporting a +9 dBm boost.

This device is a newcomer and there’s a lot more information about in a very informative thread by Hedda:


All CC2652P devices indicate “+20dBm output gain” because of the onchip Power Amplifier. Has nothing to do with Sonoff.

And the OP asked “I’m just after a straight forward answer if possible please :love_you_gesture:

Regardless of who mentions it, it can serve to be misleading when comparing products, especially if the user only accepts it at face value. At this point in time, its benefit is unrealized, only latent.

BTW, in the interests of full disclosure concerning your endorsement, do you own/operate the CloudFree store?

Nope, just a trustworthy US based source for cloud free devices/supplies that I’ve ordered from many times.


Thanks for clarifying this, now if we decide to buy it form this website, we can take into consideration that you are not affiliated with it :slight_smile:

On the other hand, does this really matter? Is this a valuable question, not sure at all. I do not see anything to disclose or endorsement, just an unnecessary question.

By the way, this is nothing about your response or your opinion, just about question itself.

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It would seem that way to anyone who isn’t familiar with affiliate marketing.

Conbee 2 is great.

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Thanks Dave but that doesn’t support Tuya Zigbee devices from what i can see

Where did you read that?

On this page - ConBee II Compatibility list

I suspect with Z2M it will work with Tuya devices. But I also agree that you are probably better off with a CC2652 based chipset.

It does. I have two of them working perfectly with ZHA.

Main take away is supporting is about software layer right? It might not be supported by deconz addon/integration (not sure), but it is with Zigbee2mqtt or ZHA?

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Correct. I tried DeConz when I first bought my Conbee2 and decided it was rubbish. Had issues pairing devices. Got rid of DeConz and started again with ZHA and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

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I had a different experience with zha and feeling better with z2m. I also believe having separate containers for core and ZigBee stuff makes home assistant more resilient. When z2m fails, core is not impacted and vise versa.

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Back to main question, if you are new and just looking for adventure, 5 Dollar cc2531 usb dongle is also a good start, you can upgrade later on, again, if you are in doubt about ZigBee path. If you already made up your mind, go with one of the adviced options.