New to HA. Unknown devices on zwave


I am new to HA. Finally got it installed on a Mac mini running 10.13. HA is 0.80.1. I have an Aeotech Z-Stick gen 5 and a ZWP WS-100.

On my main page, it shows two zwave items: Aeon Labs Unknown: type=0101, id=005a and Unknown: id=0315 Unknown: type=4447, id=3033. Am I right thinking the Aeon Labs is the Z-Stick, and the unknown is the ZWP? How do I get HA to see the true devices and names? It does say “switch” underneath, and that does indeed work to turn my switch on or off.

Thanks. Probably something easy I am overlooking.

Hi, you can change the name of the entity


I gave up and went to OpenHab, but that didn’t have everything I was looking for, so I came back to Home Assistant.

Instead of installing directly on my Mac, I installed an Ubuntu Server VM, and since then it has a much better time in naming. My ZWP still is a little flakey, as it says Zwave Products Inc, but unknown type 4447 and id=3033, but it now knows my Aeotec and my Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ well.

Playing with it a lot more. I was able to get my chamberlain garage door working, as well as setup Haaska for Alexa controls.

Now playing with my Honeywell thermostat!