New to HA - Using NUC PC - can I install z-wave and zigbee on the same PC to cater for all options?

Hi, I guess the topic description almost says all I would like to ask the community. I am new to HA although not new to automation. I plan on installing home-assistant on an old NUC lying around which has some decent CPU and 8GB ram. The NUC has 6 USB ports. My question is i dont want to limit myself to z-wave or ZigBee and would like to see if the option to use both. I ordered a ZigBee USB dongle and thinking about also ordering z-wave. the question is can i use both at the same time on the same HA or will that create a problem? Thank you in advance.

I have both types of dongle plugged into my machine and they both run without any issues. The general advice is not to connect them directly to the PC to reduce interference. I have two USB extension cables for this. The cables connect to the PC and then each single is plugged into an extension cable.

I think you could also plug them into a single USB hub as well. Looking at a couple of videos on YouTube by the Home Automation Guy it looks like he has his dongles plugged into a single USB hub. The key point seems to be to pick the dongles away from the PC to reduce the chance of interference.

This is how I have mine. A small powered USB2 hub.

Yes it works fine. That’s the point of HA.

Thank you.

Thank you.