New to HAss. Installed HACS and it worked and then it stopped working

I’m trying out HAss to see if it’s something I want to start using but I have several Wyze bulbs and Wyze thermostat. I realize these aren’t really supported but I’m experiencing a problem even before that. I got the OS running in virtualBox, I got the ssh addon working and I installed HACS. I was able to add a custom repo (GitHub - JoshuaMulliken/ha-wyzeapi: Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices.) but now HACS doesn’t work at all. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. Deleted the custom repo from the system and it just keeps failing on this file. When I cat the file in ssh it’s empty. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?

When you removed hacs did you follow this?

I just redid the whole HA install and it’s working now but I’m not able to see my Wyze devices which is my intention. But thank you for your response. I did not follow those instructions. Likely would have saved me a good amount of time.

Then you should post on the custom component’s github page (issues)

I have, thanks. I’m trying to find how to close this topic on my phone but it’s not readily apparent.

You don’t. Just don’t post any more.