New to and had problems when upgrading to 0.85.1

I had looked at Hassbian before, but did not have time to devote to it, and recently picked it up again and tried out, installing 0.84.6

I managed to get my Fibaro controller integrated and my motion sensors and lights appeared on the default screen
I renamed all the lights and motion sensors from the main default page to names more appealing than the default ones
I added groups to my configuration file (listing the entities within the group) so the sensors did not appear as circles at the top of the page

I then upgraded to 0.85.1 and all my renames have disappeared and gone back to the defaults
In addition the sensors (entities) that were in Groups have now popped out of the Group cards and have defaulted back to the top of the default page as default circles

I can’t believe why I have come so unstuck at such an early stage and am scared this will put me off HA once again

Would really appreciate it if someone could share some light on my predicament and explain why this is happening

Many thanks,


There apparently was a breaking change in 0.85 that impacted naming. You weren’t alone in getting bitten by this version. In my case it was my MQTT based devices/sensors and some of my zwave stuff. I’ve been on HA since ~0.28 and have never seen this big of an impact before.

Just check what the entity names have changed to in the dev tools. <>

Then fix your groups and customize for the new names. It seems you aren’t using lovelace otherwise check that as well.

It’s not broken and is 100% fixable.

Thanks @dap35 and @DavidFW1960

Yeah - i was kinds surprised as pretty much all the stuff I had just added was affected

Luckily, as I was just starting out, I can start from fresh and go from there

I was however surprised that all my ‘Friendly names’ disappeared too though

That’s because the customize.yaml has the old wrong entity_id so how can it map the friendly name?

Sorry about that. There was a breaking change I needed to do in the internal unique IDs of the fibaro entities to prepare support for multiple hubs. Because of this, all the devices would show up as new devices. There’ll be a similarly painful change affecting only scenes in the future, but hopefully everything else will just keep getting better without breaking things.

yep, you’re right - my bad

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