New to hass, trying webcal from external source

Hello there,
I’m new to HomeAssistant, playing with it for about 2 months now.
At the moment I’m trying to integrate a service of our local community for checking when the trash is collected.
they are publishing a calendar online you can put into your calendar app, to see when the next kind of trash is going to be collected at your addres.
For this you can generate a link like this:


I tried to put this link as url for the caldav integration. that didn’t work. replacing the webcal with https resulted in an error 405 Method not allowed.

As I’ve got no experience with things like this I tried reading anything about the caldav integration, how caldav and ical are related, but found nothing about webcal protocol that was of any use to me.

Anybody here who can give me a hint where and what to search or do to find out more about my problem and how to solve it?



Hi blubbel,

I have a similar scenario, did your resolve it and if so which integration did you use?


well, i dropped the caldav and use the garbage collection custom component now… works like a charm