New to Hassio from hassbian

Does anyone know where i can upload files to the pihole addon directory? i cant seem to find it in the normal directory /etc/pihole. Im just switching over to hassio from hassbian, so im also having problems installing python modules necessary for some of my scripts? is there a venv i need to sudo su into?(its a hassio raspberry pi 3 image). id also like to install cloudflared over https too.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you from your local noob.

because pihole is not installed in the ssh add-on, nor is it installed on the host. It is running in a container.

Which states:

:books: Please read the documentation for more information about the use and configuration of this add-on.

That link takes you here:

You don’t install things in docker…

No, HassIO is running docker. Home Assistant is running INSIDE docker containers. You don’t modify the running docker container.

well darn it, i guess ill just have to add it all from the user interface, thanks for the quick response, i worked a little with django dockers, so basically i have to create a docker of my own in order to run a script that uses a python module not already imported?

You can probably drop the module into a directory inside the /config directory and import from there. You don’t have to have python modules installed if you can call them from a directory.

oh ok, good to know