New to Home Assistant - can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

In theory this automation should

When ‘sensor.victron_system_battery_state’ changes

AND if ‘sensor.victron_system_battery_state’



Set a light (zigbee2MQTT scene)

AND Notify me

I cannot see why this has NEVER triggered


It has never triggered - the Logbook shows it is changing

Anyone any ideas?

Much appreciated.

First please don’t paste screenshot, instead use the preformatted text function of the editor and paste the actual text. (on mobile sometimes it’s too hard to see tiny pics)

That said. There’s a from: null clause in your trigger. I suspect that’s your culprit. It means it will ONLY trigger if it comes from a null state. (which I sincerely doubt it actually is - therefore never triggers) try removing the entire from: null line.

If it still gives you trouble. Pull a trace from the automation and post it (with the preformatted text block)

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Does it not trigger at all or does it just not run the action? Can you post what is in the traces for the automation when it should run?

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Ha I thought I did right by capturing the YAML :slight_smile: rather than the visual editor I did it with, but good input will do.

It looked like it ran ok last night and this morning.

Been a really busy 24 hours, and it is late here and I will post the requested tomorrow.

Thank you everyone, extremely grateful for support and ideas.

On the second night it worked, and continued to work.

Many thanks for your time and support.

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Great information, many thanks.

I am just getting into yaml.

Much appreciated.

Thank you for your guidance.

Much appreciated.