New to Home Assistant, Don't have rasp pi

So I don’t have a raspberry pi to use as my home assistant server, I do have an old Chromebook and an old laptop which would be easier to convert into a home assistant server.
Or is my best option to just shell out the 30 or $40 for a raspberry pi.

How long is a piece of string?

Entirely depends on which Chromebook and which Pi you’re comparing.
I would lean towards hardware upcycling and tackle the Chrombook. That depends if you don’t mind getting technical and taking a less easy path to getting HA installed.


Chromebook/laptop will be more reliable compare to RPi. RPi is using SD card and it have high chances of corrupt in the event of power disruption. Plus, with laptop/chromebook, you will have build in UPS which is the battery!

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Thanks guys I’ve done a bit more research and I should be able to run linux ony chromebook so I should be able to install and run HA with a bit of coding.