New to home assistant, follwing the broadlink guide results in "Aborted: device not supported"..need help :D

Hi all

this is basically my first real day of trying to configure and use home assistant

much of my house devices use the broadlink devices (RM pro and RM mini) so i followed the instructions here:

yet i get an error when i try to add my broadlink devices with the IP

"Aborted: device not supported"

to be clear this is indeed correct IP’s and they work flawlessly in homebridge.

Can anyone help me try and debug this and that im missing

im uuing home assistant on a VM on QNAP:

Version	core-2021.3.1
Installation Type	Home Assistant OS
Python Version	3.8.7
Operating System Family	Linux
Operating System Version	5.4.99
Host Operating System	Home Assistant OS 5.12
Supervisor Version	supervisor-2021.03.4

thx guys