New to Home Assistant - ideas for future addons/integrations etc

I’m just starting out on my HA journey and wondering what’s the best hardware to add.

I already have HA running as a virtual machine on a M2 Mac, i’ve got nano leaf lights throughout the house, 2 iphones, 1 android, 4 uniquiti cameras (3 G3 flex, a g4 doorbell), nest heating and then some solar panels, batteries and 2 electric cars

ideality i want to monitor power better and keep my plants alive! Any other ideas are welcome

This thread might give you some ideas.
What Is Your Most Useful Automation? - Social - Home Assistant Community (

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This is another for ideas

My Smart Home Build.

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Jesus the space you guys have in your houses is insane! In the UK i don’t have a mechical room. Best is the loft or garage but i’ll have a good read and think of the adaptions i can make