New to Home assistant need a bit quidance with ha, and iftt

Alright here we go, Mine name is Remy, 29 years old i had the broadlink device. This was terrible so decided to begin a new with the raspberry pi, (never used it before)

so id get a raspberry from mine dad a raspberry 2, and after a couple hours got the hassbian working on it, configured ikea tradfri on it and google home, Thnx to youtube tutorial(thank god). Now i want tot use IFTTT to make a scene for lets say phrase goodnight->action-> turn all light off, and start charger phone.

And this is were iam at a dead end. i have seen tutorials on youtube i have read the manual on ha site. But i have no idea were to begin. I did the intergration on HA iam connected with IFTTT and webhooks. but after the THIS-> i got to THAT and need to do things. mine questions are: were to find the url i need to put in? do i need to make scripts or just input it in IFTTT? is the way iam going in any good directon or am i totaly wrong?

What are you using to trigger IFTTT? Are you speaking to a assistant type device or using another means?

Why use Youtube tutorials instead of the official Home Assistant documentation?
If I understand correctly, it looks like this should help.

hi guys thnx for the fast advice, oke mine setup:
Google home with a smart speaker from google home is mine go to talking point. ikea tradfri gateway and app has no scenes to make and isnt compaitble with IFTTT. So i want to say to google Goodnight then with IFTTT will make contact with HA and activate the scene if that is possible?!

This here, it says put these lines in the configuration.yaml, Can i just put it somewere?

# Replace google_say with <platform>_say when you use a different platform.
service: tts.google_say
entity_id: "all"
  message: 'May the Force be with you.'

Things like this can i just put it in the config?

Try & see. I do not use this service.

Looks to me like it’s meant to go in an automation.

i mean, is there a rule were it has to be put scripts like that, not persee this one, commands like that do you have to put them same were specific or just put them on the bottom?

You may want to read up on YAML.

thnx will do right now, but we were going off topic mine question was what to put in at url with the IFTTT Pallet, how to make it work like:
hey google, /… goodnight-> goodnight Remy->action: 4 lights off one switch on.?

If I were you I would take IFTTT out of the equation, I found them to be less then responsive.

Although a bit of setup it may be good to setup google assistant so you can interact with your google home and HA directly.


will look in to this, thnx for advice also i have read the YAML thnx explains a lot, still alot unclear but help like this come a long way:)

so i have google assistant already intergrated trough the home assistant cloud, But next thing is how to make a scene, like say good night and things happen, Do also do that in the YAML?
if yes: is there a explaination how to make a script like that
sorry for being a noob

That would be my approach. Write a script to do what you want (turn off lights, turn on charger) and then “turn on” that script with google assitant.

Someone with a google home can help you through the setup of that side, read the script docs and if you need help setting it up post the entity IDs of your lights and I can assist.

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If you just have a scene/routine you want to activate with a shortcut phrase to Google Home, you can do that in the Google Home app, since you already have your devices linked to Google Home through Home Assistant Cloud:

hi its super dumb but in the netherlands this isnt availeble, nor routines

Ahh, then yes, I’d follow @silvrr’s advice. Create a script called “good night” for example, link it to your Google Home, and then you can say “Ok google, turn on good night” and it should run the script for you.

so this is what i got so far

platform: state
entity_id: light.woonkamer
from: ‘off’
to: ‘on’
service: script.notify_pushover
title: ‘State change’
message: 'The light is on

platform means?
I know state means that the state of the device changes
the trigger is ?
So how does he send me a message, and were do i speak this ti HA or GH

First off, when posting config make sure it retains the proper formatting by following the below image. Formatting is so important in yaml and it can be reviewed if not posted correctly…

You want a script not an automation.

      - service: light.turn_off
          - light.example1
          - light.example2
      - service: switch.turn_off
          - switch.example1
          - switch.example2
      - service: switch.turn_on
          - switch.phone_charger

The above would (when activated from google home) turn off two lights, turn off two switches and turn on the phone charger switch.

The entity IDs are examples and should hopefully give you an example how to construct things.