New to Home Assistant, need help in getting started

Hi, I am looking for solutions to connect multiple IoT sensors under one umbrella and extract their data to perform deep learning operations. I plan to connect Philips Hue (Motion sensor and light bulb), FitBit, Air Things View plus and iRobot Roomba i7 to Home Assistant and perform my experiments.

My basic question is that is it possible to extract the real-time sensor readings (in form of CSV, XML or JSON) using Home Assistant platform? If yes then please refer me to an appropriate guide/learning resource.

I need to select a solution which will help in achieving my end goal, any kind of help is appreciated in this regard. Thank you


In nodered there is something possible.
I never used it but there are nodes available:

thanks for reply. is nodered an independent tool? do i have to integrate nodered with home assistant to make it work?