New to Home Assistant - Question around Privacy

I have a lot of work ahead of me with learning all about Home Assistant. Maybe i am a little to excited to get going but i can’t find an answer to my question. My only concern, and sorry if this is asked a lot, is the voice commands being recorded and the usual ‘we are always listening’ feeling from Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Since this is being set up on a hosted machine is this still a concern?

Yes. If you want to use Amazon Alexa or Google Home, voice commands will still go through the cloud and be subject to the usual monitoring.

HA by itself doesn’t monitor any audio. This will only happen once you integrate the likes of Alexa / Google Home as mentioned. However there are other non-cloud based options like Rhaspy

Ah perfect! I was hoping that wasnt the case… but what can you expect lol.

thank you both! for the answers! I’ll check out Rhaspy