New to home assitant installation

hello all

I am new to home assitant, I currently am using vera plus and I have some issues with it, namely, Geofencing and managing my media environment.

I downloaded and installed ver 20121.2.3 on a windows 10 laptop on saturday and i like home assistant so much that i installed it yesterday on my truenas server. Botyh are in a “vanilla” installation phase.

When I look at youtube videos relating to installation and development I see that the presenters screen shots include editor to edit the yaml file and a supervisor options.
I connected it to my vera and it recognised almost every thing. I can manually activate devices and scenes on my vera. I also installed kodi. and it works manually. I installed life360 (did not tryi it yet)

My objectives are:

  • integrate the HA with amazon echo
  • add a geofencing scene
    voice control my media environment (which is Emby on my server and Kodi on my htpc)

My question are
how do i edit a yaml file? and
how do i access the supervisor function

Please explain why I do not have these options in my version

Thank you all for your patience, and for taking the time to responds

It sounds like you have installed Home Assistant Core or Container which do not include the supervisor. Only Home Assistant OS and Supervised installs include this. See:

Hello Tom

Thank you for your quick reply.

What is the difference?

First Home assistant core is the only pluging available in truenas core 12.X. I followed the intruction on your website for windows 10 solution . Again i dowloaded core.

Why so many flavors? it is more economical to dwevelop one flavor for each OS.done.

If some one whant to use a VM then that is thier perogative

Many of your installation guides suggest using docker. I do not know wht tyhis is, how to use it and why use it.
Is there a simple file that i can download to run on windows?

Again thank you for responding

Which Tom are you talking to?

There’s only one flavor of Home Assistant, there are however multiple (4) methods to get Home Assistant running on your system. It’s definitely not more economical to develop and maintain one flavor per OS, who is going to do this?

All installations except for Home Assistant Core run docker, this is for easier usage as you don’t need to mess around with dependencies, python version etc.

In general an installation on Windows is not recommended. Do you want to run a windows machine 24/7? From a power consumption perspective that’s a really bad idea. Also when you update your windows machine or mess something up, your Smart Home will be non-functional.
In general I suggest a separate machine for running software that controls your home, but to each their own.

Thank you for responding so quickly.

It was Tom_I

My Laptop is running 24/7. Yes I agree with your point however this is my test machine ultimatly I would like to port it to Truenas.or better yet to my opensense.router.

I tried to follow the installation with a vm ( hassos_ova-5.11.vdi.xz) now i need to find how to install this Vitual box.

Looks like i have my work cut out

There i can only find the plugin for core version not the OS Version

Again thank you

How should Tom know that you asked him, when you write on a topic he didn’t even post once in? :slight_smile:

In my opinion, you shouldn’t test an installation method for windows, which will not be available on your final devices (truenas/opensense router). Can you run VMs on the truenas? If so, I’d test the image you mentioned im virtualbox and after testing use the same image on your truenas.

I think you missed something here. look at post #2 :laughing:

Unless I missed something here. if so then…nevermind :slightly_smiling_face:

Petro moved the posts here.

well…then nevermind. :wink:

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Hello all

Thank you all for your feedback aned i’m sorry for my ignorance. This is all an uncharted territory for me.
I installed the HS Core in freenas jail (thi isn the only plugin option there is) and i have been trying to replace it with HA OS … No Joy.

I am also learning about vm. I installed Virtual box on my windows 10 laptop. so far not able to get ha running. I will need to read more on this. The instructions on this topic on the ha community is not updated or clear to me.

Again thank you all for your patience