New to home automation, is there a way to use an incoming phone call as a trigger for automations?

Hey all, I just got home assistant a few days ago after moving into a new condo. My condo has an intercom doorbell system that’s really weird in that once you select the unit number and press call it calls their cell phone not any doorbell or intercom system in the actual unit.

I was wondering if there was a way to take calls from that specific number and either use it as a trigger to broadcast or play a doorbell sound in the apartment, or to re-route the call entirely so that it goes through a speaker like a google home or etc. I’m using a google pixel and it has 70 odd sensors in the home assistant app but I don’t see any regarding calls besides the call volume, and I don’t want to run a doorbell automation every time I receive any call at all.

Alternatively, is there a service that I can set up a phone number to a digital account and run it on a rasberry pi or etc and then use that to run the automation? Since then the only calls it would receive would be the doorbell The intercom only works with local numbers (720 or 303 area codes)

There is a sensor that shows the call status, ringing, in call etc.
But that’s it i believe.
I think you can use tasker to trigger on the specific phone number and have it create a notification or something on the phone which can be read by HA.
But that is as close as I think you can get. At least that is where my limit is.

There are some IFTTT triggers relating to incoming phone calls (Android). They mostly seem to relate to missed calls, but you may be able to do something with that.

It can be done in tasker this way: How to use Tasker with Home-Assistant - Flemming's Blog

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This worked! I can get the phone call event into HA and use that as a trigger to broadcast over the google speakers using TTS or flash lights or etc

The classic AT modem (supported by old cell phones also) technology could help also.
connect to the phone/modem by uart/rs232, with some kind of software like gammu.

Which service type did you use to capture these bits? I have the tasker portion up and running, but i still havent figured out which kind of integration in HA that i can use to capture the incoming API request and pull the json data out.

EDIT: Nevermind. I figured it out by calling the /api/events endpoint with my payload. Awesome stuff here everyone. thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

I might be late to the party but Home assistant application can actually do the same thing.
Just enable “Phone State” sensor and you’ll be able to manage the same thing without Tasker.


But this state only returns offhook, didn’t return the current number or current call minutes, is there any way to get that? (C’mon it’s 2023 and still no way to get that…). Thanks everyone!