New to HomeAssistant & struggling understanding configuration

I am new and I am struggling to understand how to use the config.yaml setup. I have it setup on a Raspberry pi 3. I can use the examples to setup sensors and devices but its through a lot of trial and error. I have some temperature sensors and switches setup that get temp data and switch positions from feather huzzah esp8266s. I also have two ip cameras setup that I can see on the page. So, I am able to get some stuff setup.

I do not understand the syntax at all and cant seem to find information on how the config file is supposed to be. I see examples of things and find another example that is different that is doing the exact same thing. I am not seeing a document or anything showing a standard format . Like I said, I see a lot of examples but it just seems confusing. I added my Honeywell thermostat to it and the example just seems confusing to me and I would have never figured it out without the example and I still don’t understand some of the configuration on that. Could someone point me in the right direction for documentation on the configuration or is what I am seeing on the example pages all that is there?

Sorry to be asking such a fundamental question, but I have dug and dug around looking for information. The longer I look the more frustrated I become. I am glad that I have it up and running and can do some basic things, but I would really like to understand it a bit better.


Have you seen this: ?

Yep I have gone through that & I do understand some of the basic stuff. Some things I just cant seem to get though. Like in this post… Garage Door Tilt Sensor Example . He has the two garage doors icons with the slider, that has me baffled how to set something like that up. I seem to not be able to find clear explanations on how to do it. I feel like I am really missing something here. I do a lil programming and use arduino ide and python, so its not like I cant catch on to stuff, but boy do I feel like it…