New to Nest Home Assistant Integration

Hello, I am new to Automation and Want to Connect Nest products. I am not sure how to start. I want to start a smart switch when my nest doorbell identify a motion. Any guidance will be appreciated.


I followed the official Home Assistant documentation to setup the Nest integration:
A five dollars fee but without regret for me.
It is a little long time to set it as you have to create a developer project but documentation will provide you all required steps.

After that, you might create an automation triggered when a motion is detected, the integration allows to do so with the Nest Hello.
Which step do you need guidance for exactly?

i just set it up propperly, i have just one remark on the official nest integration page and i cant reply there.
But just like me i think a lot of people will work on there internal page. Since i’ll be a happy user of the nabu casa for a while now i started straight away with that option but couldn’t get it working at first. when the integration forwards you to the nest page for aprouvals it went wrong here. later on i saw the integration forwards it from the page you work in, in my case with an internal IP adress. If you going to use it with the nuba casa option, be sure to connect to your system by the nuba website and start adding the nest integration by that page. Good luck, and also for my a well spent $5,- i won’t regret

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