New to the Smart devices world and need advice

I am new and I am looking around for ideals and helpful suggesting on how to set up my home assistant smart environment.

what I am looking in doing is having a few door sensors, on my back garage, shed door and loft
a unfi doorbell at some point and at the moment I have a nest gen 3 thermostat and smoke and carbon monoxide detector

regarding my network I have a Unfi workstation with a few VLANs setup which I would like to use, as I would like to limit what devices are able to call home.

I have looked at Z-wave, ZeeBee devices and Wifi devices, but the more I read the more confused I am. so would someone please advice me on the best options for my problem.

What’s your question?
Zigbee vs Zwave was already asked a few times.
I don’t use either of them because I really like DIY with ESP devices, but I can’t tell you any reasons I wouldn’t use them. Regarding network, it looks like you already know what you want to do.
I’m too using VLANs, devices inside my IOT VLAN can’t connect to the internet (only to HA)

@Syntox - My question is:
might be what is the best option, as looking at the ZigBee it us a Mess technology that is outside the wireless VLAN range and it will have full access to the internet - which I don’t want as the HA is on my main LAN

looking at the Zigbee the only good thing I can see, that separate it from the Z-wave is the power usage, and the cost.

As said, I don’t use Zigbee or Zwave but my understanding is, that they don’t have internet access but only connect to a hub. This could be a Zigbee USB stick which is plugged into your HA Server

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Zigbee does not have access to the internet, al least if you use a coordinator as Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA. If you use a Hue hub or Ikea Gateway, yes, then there is internet access.

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Get a Conbee 2 USB zigbee gateway, integrate using ZHA, (don’t bother using Deconz). Zigbee door / window sensors are really cheap and use very little battery. There is no requirement for any internet access.


many thanks for your advice I will go and do a bit of reading, and shopping