New Treatlife DS03 Ceiling/dimmer switch has no light controls in HA

So I have had 2 of these switches about 2 years now and integrated them in HA with the tuya integration. They have fan/light controls and work just fine. I just bought a new switch and this one looks different in the smartlife app with different firmware. Opening it up in HA it only has the fan control and its only on/off. There is no controls or entries for the lights. Going to the IoT cloud page to debug this device it only has a switch for switch_fan and not even one for the light. On that site I changed the device to DP instructions instead of standard instructions. I now have the switches for light and fan on the website but HA still only show the fan control but it at least now has fan speed control. Anyone know have any ideas what’s going on or how to fix this?

Left is older switch that works. Right is new switch with no controls

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Looking to get one of these but would like to know if they aren’t integrating well now.

Any luck on figuring this out?

I am also having this issue. I’m confused by the details of these switches:

Works Properly:
Main Module: 3.1.4
MCU Module: 3.3.14

Only Fan:
Main Module: 2.1.6
MCU Module: 3.3.19

Only Fan:
Main Module; 2.1.6
MCU Module: 3.3.22

I don’t understand why my newer switches have an older main module version. I can see the data is coming in wrong from Tuya, but I’m using the new integration and I have no way to look at the Tuya IoT site.

Not sure what I should do next…

I created this issue on github: [Tuya] DS03 Ceiling Fan Dimmer Not Recognizing Light · Issue #115726 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I’ve been using mine with Tuya Local shortly after I made the post above and it’s been working great