New Tuya power data

I’m using the new Tuya V2 integration. Tuya was helpful in getting power data working for my powerpoints however the data shows up wrong. Apparently, that’s not their issue.

They have suggested I write something for each PowerPoint to make the data present correctly. I’m unsure why they would be presenting data in watts if it’s not watts. As per the image below it should be 113.8w not 1138w

Any easier way to do this as a bulk change and not per entity?

I have the exact same issue. Have you found a solution? Seems strange If we have to create sensor templates for this to work - it is clearly a bug.

Same issue

Tuya says it’s not a bug as that’s the data from the device. However in their app they show it correctly.

I was excited when Tuya said they were working official HA integration, after seeing their responses to issues like this I’m less optimistic.

Worth following this

It is poor form that Tuya aren’t scaling the values correctly if they are displayed correctly in their app.

That github issue is a mess. Two unrelated topics intermixed. They need some mods.

I’ve an even weirder expirience…

My Gosund SP111 (small single sockets) are showing power as you guys mention here x*10. My Gosund SP211 (double sockets) show the right value in W.