New Tuya Requirement Question: User Code is...what

I can’t find the required Tuya user code anywhere in the Tuya developer website.
Anyone have a link or a clue for me? Thanks.

HA says, "The Tuya integration now uses an improved login method. To reauthenticate with your Smart Life or Tuya Smart account, you need to enter your user code.

You can find this code in the Smart Life app or Tuya Smart app in Settings > Account and Security screen, and enter the code shown on the User Code field. The user code is case sensitive, please be sure to enter it exactly as shown in the app."
I don’t see “Settings” per se, nothing under Account and Security. The closest thing I see is a User ID, and it doesn’t work for this.

ETA: MOBILE app. Okay. Deleted that years ago, forgot. Stored the user id in my password manager but FYI this process still requires the app in order to scan a QR code. And then the mobile app can be deleted again.


I do have similiar issue - although my smart life app is up and running and I found my credentials to log into the app on the mobile phone. However there is no Settings > Account and Security screen. Means that I’m stuck as well not knowing where to obtain the user code from.

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Same issue here. The instructions might be dated.

I found the code. In the Smart Life app…

Me → Hexagon in the upper right corner → Account and Security → User Code.


Thanks for this been looking for that code for ages :smiley:

Yes, you need the mobile app (and the new Tuya integration) and it has to be a recent version - couldn’t find the code because having an older version of the app.

@SK: can you please select the right answer as the solution, so this becomes useful to others and probably we will not be the only ones with this issue!


Just to add to this in case anyone else is still struggling with this. I was not seeing the “User Code” field within the app within the Account and Security area - The Apple App Store was not indicating there were any updates to the Smart Life app however when i deleted the app and reinstalled it (iPhone) the User Code field was then available… Never seen this before now (App Store not indicating updates available) however this was the case for me. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your important hint. So I deleted the old Smart Life App and downloaded the new one. This is definitively an important part of the SOLUTION! Now it works fine

I got that far and now I just get this error :frowning:


Any hints anyone?

Thanks. Was looking everywhere and didnt even see that timmy hewx in the top right

Hi Neil, are you using a modified HA theme?
Also, you might try another browser.

Chrome was the problem. I sorted it with Firefox. Using default theme.

It worked! Thanks Drew.

Thank you for this. Just adding this bit about my android phone, the app has not been automatically updating, presumably due to samsung and/or google forcing the app to sleep since i hadn’t been opening it. once i manually updated in the play store, i was able to find it in the ‘me’ → (hexagon) → ‘account and security’ as instructed above. hope this helps someone

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Hi Jorel, welcome to the forum!
Happy to help.

Thanks :man_in_lotus_position:t2:

I entered the user code, but then I need to scan a not existing QR code with the tuya app.

Hi Zeno, welcome to the forum!

Where did you entered which code?
Which integration are you using?