New Tuya wifi bluwtooth smart valve great for hydronic control

US Solid has a new modulating smart valve in 1/2", 3/4" and 1".
Just got two to try out, short stock now but more comming.

Valve uses Smart Life app, is spring close on power fail, and has manual trigger button to fully open or close. Should work great in Home Assistant applications. Valve runs on 5 Vdc.
By rotating the head (4 nuts to remove) 90 degrees, it will be spring open on power fail and control will be % closed instead of % open. This helps insure circulation in freezing climates.

Material: 304SS / Brass, UPVC
Thread Type: NPT
Max Pressure: 1.0 Mpa
Wiring Type: USB
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Ambient Temperature Range: -20℃-45℃

good price and not much choice in this area (for as far as I can tell)
But … having just gone to the (Y@)(# bsh.t in adding a Tuya wifi-switch to HA … no option for me. If you are on their plan/network then I assume this works fine but I still steer to local control…but you heard this before from other no-cloud-control fans :slight_smile:

I’m planning a future Home Assistant automation, for the 1957 family home I inherited.

It has hydronic heat in the first floor concrete slab, and the second floor plaster ceilings. No basement. So I’m looking to be able to zone control and use future weather forcasts for setpoint control because there is so much thermal lag in the system. I have also installed a four zone Mitsubiushi heat pump, with Kumo Cloud.

I also want a local only system, and am hoping these would be controllable with LocalTuya integration
GitHub - rospogrigio/localtuya: local handling for Tuya devices

I want to be able to modulate the zone valves to maintain a setpoint, and cannot use on/off valves because of possible freezing. I also want constant flow, so return water temp can be used. Having to nuse two relays per valve, tow inputs for end of travel, and guess at % open based on pulse time is very complicated and requires a lot of IO.

Looked inside, the valve uses a WS3B chip.

Plenty here Zigbee2MQTT

On localtuya… (ranting on)…this quite long youtube video shows why I think the way I do, aside the cloud part.

That’s not a video.

Additional info:
Available on from Frankever, ~$40, need 8 or more to get ocean shipping frieght pricing. Waiting for reply on options.

Tuya WS3B wifi / LBE chip.
(Can probably be changed out to a ESPHome compatible chip, if you are brave and like to solder.)
STC Micro STC8H1K08S2A10 family 8051 core MCU

What type of UI custom Card are you using for this device?