New Unifi Integration - sensors missing and lots of device trackers

I had been using the Unifi integrating to set notifications on high bandwidth usage on certain devices in my home.

When I upgraded to 0.97, all of those sensors disappeared when my manually configured unifi was auto-imported into the new unifi integration.

Additionally, I was only monitoring 2 devices in my home… but the auto-import imported EVERYTHING and now I have like 30 device_tracker entities.

I used to have this:

  - platform: unifi
    port: 443
    username: !secret unifi_user
    password: !secret unifi_pass
      track_new_devices: false
      - last_seen
      - rx_bytes
      - rx_bytes-r
      - tx_bytes
      - tx_bytes-r

Is there no longer a way to:

  1. Limit the number of device_tracker entities created?
  2. Have the sensors we used to get brought back?

See Hide devices found by Unfi Integration and there’s a Github issue too.

I’m facing the same struggle; had been monitoring only two devices (of about 60 potential across all networks), primarily for presence detection. I’ve got the two working with HA again, but now I have 58 undesirable devices in discovery. That SHOULD be mitigated by the ssid_filter, but that is not working for me either.

Having only the block_client attribute is unacceptable; we should have the option to whitelist items… it’s not only easier for those who want to be selective, it’s just good defense in depth (see: deny by default) hygiene. I don’t want random devices that join my network to pop into HA. I only want devices there that I choose.

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That sounds like a wonderful idea… I’d love to have a switch to block devices within HA without having to declare every single device in HA. Even blocked by default when they join my network would be even better.

The current implementation does not even make much sense, specially if a new device joins then I have to modify the configuration.yaml and restart HA, I might as well do it from the Unifi controller… This is maybe useful to control the internet access of known devices only.

Following here. Got dozens of useless device trackers upon the migration at 0.97;1
Even worse, there is no real direction on how to migrate from the old device_tracker implementation to the new integration… do I just delete known_devices.yaml and remove my device_tracker unifi config?
Now we’re also missing options from the old device tracker as well, like not tracked by default.
Any thoughts?

This kind of gets my goat when people say “it’s unacceptable” about an open source and free project. Unacceptable to whom?

Have you read the architecture document that led to this change?

Better still, you can get your money back if you don’t like it. Refunds at the door.