New updater feature a bit too much

I think we need an option for this new updater feature. It seems like there is a new minor release every few days that the updater is excited to tell me about. I want the option to only see I need an update when you get to the next monthly release, not every little in between release. Is this easy to implement, or is it already there somewhere?

If you only want the major releases it’d be easier to just watch the blog for a new release announcement. You’ll miss out on many bug fixes though, but I guess you’re fine with that.

I am. For the stuff that I do, I can’t recall the last time I ran across a bug that affected me. The software is way better than a few years ago. I was wondering how much harder it is to display the release number than just displaying “update available”.

Would a custom sensor work for you to display the version number?

The newest version is in the attributes of the binary sensor, you could use a little templates magic to compare that to your running version.

@Tinkerer Thank you. I’ve got the latest version from the updater and the current version from the version integration. I’m all good.