New USB zigbee Stick (Zigstar) two coordinators showed up

Hi all,
i switched from a launchpad to a zigstar 4.0, as repairing was fine for me I deleted the Integration removed the old USB device and set up a new Integration with the new USB dongle ( I did nothing to the zigbee.db).
Everything seemed normal but I do get 2 coordinators now:
first one:

Texas Instruments CC1352/CC2652, Z-Stack 3.30+ (build 20211217)

second one:

unk_manufacturer unk_model

both have different IEEEs and show up in the Network visualization…

I am using ZHA and the Stick is flashe with Texas Instruments CC1352/CC2652, Z-Stack 3.30+ (build 20211217) firmware. All devices work btw.

Where was my mistake here? and how to fix it?

Suggest checking out zigpy-znp CLI command tools different high/low-level backup and restore options:

Could try high-level network backup then delete zigbee.db before restoring from that backup:

Or try low-level NVRAM backup of launchpad coordinator then reset zigstar coordinator and restore it?

Be sure to reset the launchpad coordinator NVRAM if want to re-introduce it again as a Zigbee router.

thx I will have a look.
I guess the HACS ZHA Toolkit could also be used?

Yes. See:



Any luck in resolving, I have the exact same issue.

nope… I do not have any troubles with this issue, just not nice I guess

Hi All,

I have the exact same problem, however, I have a button that is bound to the old removed coordinator, and even after removing and reinstalling, it keeps binding to it. Is there a way to remove the old coordinator completely as in the ZHA integration there is not delete option. (I would have no clue how to use ZHA toolkit).

Any assistance will be appreciated.