New user any thoughts or suggestion

On the 7 th of this month also my dirthday. My home assistntant i odered on a dell t430 thin is suppose to arive. I am 50 years old and this is new to me. Just hopping i did not get iver my head hear, but excitdes, to try tk learn, and around the same date the 2 onn 11.6 i ordered ahould be hear to make into dash boards. And thoughts or ideas on things i can do to help would be welcome. Most of my house is google home. But most my appliances have samsung smarththings. Mostly aft first will be just try to get them to work better together and only have one many control hine assistant. I live in the united States, in ohio

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Happy Dirthday (you’re 28 days older than I am - don’t let anyone tell you it’s over the hill)

First. With home automation model number, and geography ALWAYS matters. Parts and power requirements are very region specific and many times devices behave differently even between firmware revisions.

So whenever you ask for help there’s no such thing as too much info about your setup. (so Dell thin doesn’t tell us anything, while Dell thin client model xxx and I live in country yyy) does

My biggest advice. Don’t buy stuff and THEN look for a use case. find a small project you want to accomplish (like, for instance I want the front porch light to come on at 50% at dusk and stay that way to dawn but I want it to pop full for 5 minutes when someone rings the doorbell, how do we do that)

The other way around leads to buying a lot of stuff you don’t need and may not work while the use case first approach forces you to think about what you need to actually buy…

Welcome and happy Dirthday :wink:

So, at almost 50 years old, you are just a kid!

I agree with everything Nathan said. Find something you want to accomplish and figure it out. Also, read here a LOT. As time goes on and you gain more knowledge, you will decide that you ‘need’ more items.

It is nice to see the children finally playing with adult toys. Happy Birthday.

HP T430 Thin Client i live in the us in ohio. Sorry like i said very bew to this.

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Cool - any idea on what you want for that first project?

First thing is just get it set up with the google home mkstly speakers and some camerias. And the smarththings applinaces i have.them make some dashboards. Starting there will see how long that takes me

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