New user from Arizona

Hello everyone! I am pretty new to all of this; the extent of my “automation” up to this point has been smart devices (lights and speakers) that I interact with via Google’s assistant. My ultimate goal is to be able to switch from that to something that stays within my network, and Home Assistant looks like it’s built for that.

I currently have Home Assistant running on my Synology DS418play. I expect to be spending a fair amount of time here as my experience with Unix is rather limited…from a Unix class I took 8 years ago I basically only remember how to find where I’m at, change directories, and cat something.

Looking forward to learning a lot and hopefully being able to contribute before too long!

Hello and welcome. :wave:

Please have a read of our code of conduct (basically, “be nice”), and the guidelines on how to ask a good question.

There are plenty of knowledgeable and friendly people here willing to help you on your home automation journey. If you provide them the right information and present it correctly you should find any questions you have answered in no time.

Welcome. Feel free to ask questions if you have problems.

Welcome to the world of IoT and lots of works…

Swamp of work :slight_smile: for last couple of months, i have been spending many sleepless hours :slight_smile:

Y’all are starting to scare me, lol !

It’s ok, it slows down after a few years when you get your config how you want it :slight_smile: