New user from Switzerland

Hi there :slight_smile:

My name is Sebastian and I’m from Switzerland. My wife and I live in a flat, so there is not too much of a use for home automation other than switching the TV and lights on/off, but I needed a new indoor hobby because of the Corona lockdown. So I started with a Raspberry Pi 4 and OpenHab. then moved over to Home Assistant quickly as I found it much easier for a beginning. Plus, I love the Raumfeld integration with HACS and all the helpful documentation about Home Assistant so far.

Although I am still in some kind of a learning phase, I already managed to install HASSIO via a Live-Linux directly on a fanless Celeron NUC and I am running a Conbee II plus a Hue Bridge (for my Ambilight TV).

I am using Cloud service with 3 Alexas because it just works. :wink:

So that’s about me and my setup.

Cheers, Sebastian


Hey Sebastian

Welcome here :wink: HA user based in Lausanne here ! Have though about using HA also to get timetables for public transport (did here for next bus/metro) and get outdoor/indoor temperature/humidity sensors ?

Cheers from Leman lake,


Welcome. Feel free to ask questions if you have any problem.

Hoi Sebastien

Greetings from Zurich

Hi Vincèn

Thanks for the welcome - currently I use some cheap sonoff indoor sensors for temperature and humidity. I do not have further plans to integrate external sensors because I live in a flat, 4th floor. The local weather data are of good quality - so no real need here!
Time table for the local train station would be great, but I would rather enable those in my MagicMirror in order to display and visually check them on a more regular base.

Cheers to Lausanne!! :slight_smile:

Hi Francis

Thanks for the welcome - I ESPhomed two Sonoff S26 yesterday (ota from previous Tasmota version) and this worked like a charm. I am very impressed … :open_mouth:

Anyway…I own some Teufel Raumfeld devices which I would love to address over Alexa or at least with some Buttons on the HA Lovelace UI to be able to start my favorite Radio streaming right away.

Despite the fact that there seem to be the necessary service items available in the Raumfeld HACS implementation, I still don’t understand how to use them correctly, I’m afraid.

So…if someone could give me a tip how to use the HA service for Raumfeld in the mini Player… I would be very happy. :wink:

Anyhow…I will search this community for this…maybe this has been addressed already?

Cheers, Sebastian

Hallo Marco :slight_smile:

Grüsse zurück!


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You would better make a new topic for your Teufel Raumfeld in the configuration section. More chance you get a working answer.

Was not familiar with these products but it looks very likely to be some Arylic products inside. Have you tried to control them using the Linkplay integration: GitHub - nagyrobi/home-assistant-custom-components-linkplay: LinkPlay based media devices integration for Home Assistant. Supports multiroom, Media Browser, and snapshot and restore functionality for TTS. Compatible with Mini Media Player card. ?

yep but some for Co2 or dust sensors can be interesting inside a flat :wink:

héhé good idea :wink: your MagicMirror is not interfaced with HA ?