New user HA

Hi evereyone.

It’s been several years I use Jeedom, yet on a RPI4
I want to give HA a try. I’ve bought a rpi5 8bg.I will plug a 2.5 ssd drive with usb 3 connector.

My question is : is there a way to merge old datas from jeedom to HA ? For example I would like to retrieve all energy data.

Thank you for your help.

Everything is possible if your knowledge is up to the task.
I can assume that it isnt because you will not ask this question here.
So, the answer is very likely to probably no.

Pardon? :thinking:

If you have a better answer feel free to share it.
Can I migrate my database from x to y. Maybe. But in the end of the day its up to your knowledge.

Are you always this rude, or are you just having a bad day? :rofl:


@davidmarli Sorry about my friend.

There are several posts about migrating from Jeedom - if you do a forum search they may be helpful. You might also try a search for “migrating database” or something similar.

Welcome to the forum.


So the short answer. You will find that very difficult.

HAs database doesn’t have an easy ‘import’ facility. Even for folks who wanted to pull in energy data from thier supplier post-consumption.

Its not a no. It’s a…

‘If you’re solid with SQLLite you might be able to do something. But you have to do a lot of things in order correctly that require advanced skills. Something most normal humans just don’t do.’

Also if you figure it out an d publish how to back load all the energy data correctly in a way that doesn’t break the HA database. You will have a LOT of fans. I haven’t looked at that particular issue in quite a bit so tools may have advanced - but in the best of cases expect a very complicated one-off of its possible. Threads that might help or point towards current state in this arena usually have to do with ‘loading’ the ‘energy dashboard’

Id follow the search about Jeedom migration stilljack suggests but I don’t remember any of the threads discussing the data.

Finally if you don’t find joy there maybe export jeedom and HA to a secondary timescaled DB for reporting?

Yeah, I’m the rude and bad guy. But let face it.
It’s a Linux and it will require a lot of effort and time to get master at least some essentials.
And that is the truth.
I’m not the guy that thinks that everyone should be using GNU/Linux nor home assistant.
My personal opinion on this that people should know that this will not be an easy task, that they will have to invest a lot of their time in it and learn a lot of things they didn’t even know that existed.
If you don’t know what type of database you current system is using, not what is default database is on home assistant and you need your data, well than don’t do it.
The only thing that will probably happen is that you will lose your data and than everyone else will be here to blame.

I went and looked for state of the art for back loading the DB:

Great that you found it!

With this, importing values should be possible without Linux and DB-knowledge, and its independent from the database you are using in HA.

Please let give me some feedback, thx.