New user - HAOS or Container

Another newbie questions or confimation…
I’m using tuya converted ESP8266 wifi relay to control my 24vdc lighting system.

I have a clean install of Debian 11 on a 4gig RPI, using 32gb usb drive, I do have a blank .5TB ssd on standby.

I have installed HA container, but me thinks I need to start over and use HAOS. Thoughts or suggestions.

Why do you think you want to start over with HAOS?

I started with HAOS on a RPi4 and moved to a Dell Micro PC and it has been great. I also run Plex & qbittorrent as addons and they work perfectly. I’m assuming if I ran HA in a container I would have more flexibility on what else I can run on the computer but I found everything I needed as HA addons and I like having HA manage all of them. I recommend the HAOS route!

If you want Backup / Restore or addons managed in HA. You want HAOS or Supervised instead of container. If you’re going Supervised id almost always recommend HAOS instead. Supervised is a pain to maintain. (you have to do all the updates HAOS handles fkr you) and not worth the ‘flexibility’ one thinks they would gain IMHO.

If you run container you are responsible for rolling your own components where addons would be. It’s possible but it takes work

These are both very valid cases, so it comes down to why are you using HA. Do you intend to build yourself a world-class home automation system or are your trying to learn Linux container admin? The first perspective you’re interested in HA and using it as a tool to meet your automation requirements and HAOS is probably the best solution. For the second case, HA is a means to an end - learning and roll your own is likely more appropriate.

Thanks for the info all, a couple of twists, network switch is a one gigabit, cat5e, short runs, rpi 25 feet to backup device. The rpi4 will be mounted about 10 feet up in a network box in the wall.

If I use HA Container wouldn’t I just have stop all docker containers, stop docker and back up the docker volume?

How large should the volume be for a normal HA container install?

No need to stop HA to back it up, no need to stop Docker either.

I backup mine up live with rsnapshot and rclone, and back the database up separately (to avoid corruption issues) using the sqlite3 command.

Your running Debian/Docker/HA Container, right?

I’m actually running pure Core for my main install, and Container for my test install. Both on Debian.

I run Core due to some very non-standard command lines tools I use to pull alarm times from my Logitech Media Server devices.

So your back-up suggestion work on both HAOS and Container? What size of volume in docker for average home install. I’m guessing about 10 to 20 gigs.

Well, my backup suggestion will partially work on HAOS, and will work on Container. rsnapshot runs on another host, but rclone is local and HAOS doesn’t have it (and you can’t install it).

The volume size depends on your database. Ignoring the database it’s a few tens of MB. The database can be anything from hundreds of MB to tens of GB - or you can use an external database.

Tinkerer, you the man. I consider this is part of the house build. I’m getting ready to pull some more cat5 and other low voltage wiring for thermostats, humidity - temp sensors, heck I might even do a water shutoff / leak detection system. I ran 800 foot 1.5" water line on a 1-1/4 tap and its flowing about 12 gallons a minute at the house. I watered a deer food plot last fall for 8 hours, 10,000 gallons and a $120 water bill. Ouch, I guess I better start working a list of things I can do …lol