New User - Help Troubleshooting location too old

Hello All, first time poster, been using HA on my raspPi 4 for a few months now, running mostly smooth. However, last night I ran into an issue and I was hoping some more knowledgeable users might know how I should troubleshoot.

Last night I added a Zooz light switch, later on in the evening my network started moving slow, so I restarted everything in my cabinet. After that, I noticed I couldn’t get online because adguard stopped working, I disabled it. But now, when I log into the HA app with the 5G band of my router, it doesn’t load, but with the 2.4 band, the app loads. The log says error: “location update too old”.

Does anyone know why a simple network restart would have killed my Adguard and blocked my 5G band from accessing HA mobile app?

Ok, I found out my adguard IP changed, I didn’t set it to static so I had to reconfigure my devices. That took care of adguard, but I still can’t login to the HA iPhone app while I’m on the 5G band of my router

Ok, figured out the rest, I was also seeing an error 1004. Turned out I only had my 5G band SSID listed as an “internal SSID”. When my router changed the IP address of home assistant, I forgot to update the app internal URL, which was only affecting the 5G band, since it was the only band I listed as trusted.