New user issues

I have a fresh install of HA via a DietPi Stretch base image.

Looking at the documentation, it talks about “Hass(dot)io add-ons are installed from the add-on store embedded in the Hass(dot)io panel:”

I don’t have the Hass(dot)io panel; should I or is that only for the HA image?

Linked to Add on store does not show in front-end I think. is complete OS/Docker image. It can be easier way to get started but it does not allow for “adjustments”. You will need to determine if the image does everything you need, then it might be a good starting spot.

You won’t see it unless you actually installed Since you’re running a regular install and not, you will not see those options.

So is there a distinct split in functionality between the two? Is this deliberate and will the 2 merge or become more diverse? The documentation is heavily biased towards the HASS version so I am guessing that is the way it is going which I think is a shame.

only in the way they are installed and ‘managed’. All functionality of Home Assistant is available in either instance.

The “ADD-ONS” are merely other Docker containers that help tie services together. You can accomplish the exact same thing with a normal install with some more effort put in on your part, if you know what you are doing. HASS.IO is intended to be an easy way to get started with Home Assistant and not require the user to know how to add the other functionality manually.

Why is it a shame to make the installation process easier on people? I personally do not use HASS.IO, and just use a normal Home Assistant Docker container, because I know how to add all the additional functionality myself. They are offering multiple ways to install it because this is what people want. This is good for the project.