New user on this forum post limitations?

I just created a account on this forum so I would be able to post a topic to share my findings about a installation on a affordable openWrt device, sadly I’m not able to include more than two links.
I think this is a weird and useless limitation. And I can’t find how long I will be a new user and what it will take to be able to post multiple links.
A typed a nice topic with all sources linked but I’m not able to post this, instead I have to spam the forum until I’m a normal user…
were can I find information about the new user limitations?
Is there a useless spam category on this forum were I’m able to level up, to get around this limitation?

Hi all, This is just to level up my forum account to get around the post limitations

3th post, the panel to the right about the community guidelines is still visable? do replies not count as posts?

4th spam message, this is just stupid. I get that there is a limitation for posting links for new users to prevent spam bots from spreading virusses but why allow 2 links then? a single link is enough for a virus link…

Take a look at the discourse trust levels (the forum software that HA uses).


thank you, I will have a look at it. Is it possible for you as moderator to remove the two link limit from my account so I can post the topic with links?

Nope, you have to get to trust level 1.

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oke, I will do my best. Thank you for the quick reply.

You have to read 17 more posts.