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I’ve had an account here for awhile, reading here sometimes. I am now taking the plunge to Home Assistant, after having tried Zipatile 1 for years ago (leaving that in just a months because the services broke down several times per week). I had a Fibaro HC2 running for a few years, and then I went to the HC3 when it was released. Still over a year after release, turned on announced features (like ZigBee) are still not working.

I’ve had a RPi4 for sometime, and also a Conbee2 and a Z-stick. I installed HA for a couple of months ago, just to test it a little bit, learning the UI what I could do with it. I am totally amazed of the progress with HA! :slight_smile: When I began looking at it, it was a lot of yaml coding. You could do many things in the UI, but you had to do really a lot in yaml. Now it is much more easy when you can do a lot in the UI. I am waiting on the new Z-stick, but when it arrives I will move all my Z-wave devices to HA. I have already moved all Hue lamps to HA and turned off the Hue Bridge.

I am so impressed about all you can do with HA, and the people here and the devs and contributors. In just a couple of hours, I have moved all Hue lamps, integrated a lot of things like iCloud, CalDev, my humidifiers, robot vaccum cleaner (it is running now and I can see it live in a Lovelace card), iTach and a lot more! These things I could not do with my previous smart home systems.

I will do more automations when I get my Z-stick, but so far, I’m totally impressed!


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Hi, and welcome to the forum :wave:


Welcome. Feel free to ask questions if you have a problem.