New users! Friendly aproach to configure automations!

Hi there! I’m new to HA, coming from ST…

And my first impressions, HA has a lot of possibilites. Linking everything together, beeing the way to go!

But i think the learnig curve hasn’t to be “too hard” for a newbie, why don’t make something like WebcoRe!? Way more intuitive to configure, backup and run automations? You can say, yaml isn’t hard, it’s easy to learn, but… i think it isn’t really needed to learn!
By now, the actual automations configurator looks amateur! For a system like HA, with this potential, it’s weak! Not all of us want to learn a language (and have think about points, spaces and expressions)!
I just want to have my system running stable without a lot of unecessary headaches.

Anyway, good work, but keep it simple and intuitive… this is my request!

Thank you

Have you tried the automation editor in the UI? Configuration -> Automations

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Hi there! Yes i did, but when i compair it to webcore it feels like “not ready”, still have to edit yaml to make not so simple costumizations!

Three questions:

  1. Why did you switch from SmartThings to Home Assistant? If you dislike creating automations in YAML, you picked the wrong product.

  2. Have you tried creating automations for Home Assistant using Node-Red? Many users who aren’t comfortable with YAML find it to be more approachable.

  3. Have you considered using Hubitat? It has attracted many ex-SmartThings users. If you visit its forum you’ll find they don’t have flattering things to say about WebcoRe and are happier with Hubitat’s Rule Machine.

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Yep, powerful and well documented. It’s great :slight_smile:

  1. I want to go away from IFTTT, i don’t want 3d party services to connect my services!

  2. I’m looking at NodeRed!

  3. Hubitat i haven’t tried yet!

What make things hard isn’t learning how to program in yaml, the biggest problem for me right now it’s not user friendly, i think it should have a “yalm editor” inside HA, or a way to have a editor wich could connect to a HA devices database, to make things easier! Ex: when i enter entity: it should show the possible entities to insert , like when i’m editing a java code… everytime i have to open my devices list to see how the entity is called!

entity: switch. lights

You know what i mean?

You can edit your files with Visual Studi Code and install the Hom Assistant Plugin there. This will give you auto-complete for entities and much more. Or use the Visual Studio Code Add-On from Home Assistant to edit your code directly in the browser.

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